For this project we hired a studio in the performance center and manipulated the lighting to suit our idea. We also incorporated a dolly track for the first time in our productions.
I was happy with the idea (which was spontaneously created just a day before hand-in!) because the previous idea was shot with only two of the four members of the team and, ultimately, wasn’t too impressive.
After consulting with Otello, he agreed we needed to film again.
One thing I would have changed would be the introduction/opening shot. I think the short would have been more effective with the concept of ‘performance’ being its sole purpose to portray. Instead, the first shot was a dolly shot across screwed up paper to show the main character writing his own music. I think a black screen with the sound of footsteps onto the stage, with a small sigh prior to the first note would have built greater anxiety and ultimately impressed more.

Here are some stills from the production:







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