Silent 60 seconds

This project seemed interesting, I offered many ideas for concepts in this task but my ideas weren’t chosen by the director, whom wished to have full control over an idea of his own. I could understand the need for nurturing an idea of his own, so we decided to film from the perspective of security cameras.

My idea was to highlight the connection between textures and memories, incorporating flashbacks through the ability to touch and recollect with fingertips.

We weren’t allowed sound, so I figured we could base our idea on the other senses (sight, touch, smell and taste). I was particularly anxious to create a powerful, emotive concept regarding a main character and the realization that there is SO MUCH to live for. However, Otello, being the writer of the group, dismissed this idea and decided to film security camera footage.

Here’s a shot taken from the final film:

sec cam-01


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