First things first…

After being delegated into groups, I was keenly appointed as the editor by the recommendation of Otello, whom had viewed my online work prior to the first class. Otello seemed very keen to direct the first task, I was impartial and a little withdrawn about taking such responsibility so early into the course. I expressed that I enjoyed directing, writing, cinematography and editing through past experience and settled quite gladly with the editing area for this initial task.
The cinematographer in our group, Ryan, had a seemingly strong skillset, having had one of his collaborative films shortlisted for the cinematography award by the BFI! We were evidently happy to have him on our team.
Paige was new to film, but throughout the process has already proven herself to be a capable and realistic thinker, contributing to the group regularly with valid and intelligent ideas.
Otello has been an interesting director, he is keen to be controlling, as is expected within his role as director, and has thus far provided the foundation of the ideas for the tasks assigned. We have since collaboratively built and strengthened the ideas until we were all happy with the consensus.
I have spent some time outside of the editing workshops on AVID (The editing system we HAVE to use – Wasn’t over the moon about this news) And have edited a cinematic trailer for ‘Gravity’ using source footage provided by the University. I feel more confident on AVID, having sat and experimented rigorously, yet still have a long way to go before I match my ability with Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects.

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