60 Seconds.

We were assigned the task to shoot a 60 second film, no editing or camera movement allowed – solely a stable tripod shot, without sound for 60 seconds.

We brainstormed ideas briefly, I forwarded my idea of going down the route of socioeconomic status, within which branched three separate ideas of my own:


1. A gathering of chairs would be layout in an open outdoors space. Actors would present the theme through visual body movement. I intended to dress each person accordingly, filling the back seats with the less privileged – whom I wanted to crawl into frame, portraying the struggles of a less fortunate life. I wanted to contrast the crawling with walking, strolling, skipping and head-held-high postures. The final section of this film would involve the person most privileged at the front center of the chairs to self-reflect, break eye contact with the camera and turn to face the others. Upon turning round he/she would look down as a gesture of sadness and realization.

2. The same chair principle would remain, although this would be based around the negative effect of technology. One by one, the seats would be taken by people in grey T-shirts looking at mobile phones. In the background (Out of focus – shallow depth on the front seat) is a girl with a pretty white dress and a colourful flower in hair (or similar) – She indicates the freedom associated without mobile phones and being weighed down by technological advancements. She will approach the character in the center front of the screen and take his hand. His T shirt changes colour. ALTERNATIVE ENDING: He doesn’t take her hand, instead looks up to the camera, a distorted expression followed by returning sadly to his mobile phone screen.

3. Same as idea 2 except there is a ‘colour wash’ where each seated person throws on a colourful T-Shirt from the back row forwards. This would be a cool effect but would need further work with regard to the symbolism and connotations behind the colour wash.


My peers liked my ideas but the director, whom is permitted, by role, the conclusive answer decided his idea was easier and would be more effective. This idea was about an awkward romance, where a male character spots a girl on a bench and steadily gets closer and closer to her on the bench. I had some input on some features of the film; the colour association and clothing changes were my idea. Additionally, I had to change the camera shooting settings because they were originally on 50 FPS, fortunately I spotted this before the final take (I took a role as an extra on the shoot in the meantime).

The link to the video can be found here:


Production photos:




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