The Story of a single image.

We were given the assignment to take a photo and present it to the class. The photo must portray a meaning and story; hence improving our knowledge and experience with Mise-En-Scene and helping us realize the importance of production design. We were encouraged to consider aesthetic elements alongside subliminal associations like colour scheme.
Our idea stemmed from an idea we had about the short film task coming up later in the term, we themed the image on the main principle and theme of this short film idea: Jealousy.
The idea is essentially a love triangle between two best-friend male characters and a female, girlfriend of one of the male characters. It may sound quite unimpressive and simple, but we devised an artistic technique to feature throughout the film which shall individualize our project and hopefully allow for such a basic plot to become something stronger. The artistic idea, which I am unable to describe for risk of imitation, shall hopefully be the most memorable thing about our short film.

The final photograph for hand-in:

Image 1

Other production photographs:




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